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Welcome to Tree Maintenance Ltd, your trusted partner in commercial tree services. Whether you’re managing a business park, overseeing a public space, or developing a new property, our expert arborists are here to ensure your tree’s safety, beauty, and sustainability.

Are you concerned about meeting regulatory compliance and ensuring the safety of your property? Or perhaps you’re looking to enhance the visual appeal of your commercial space? Our commercial tree care services are designed to address these specific needs. We understand the unique challenges you face, from maintaining safety standards, to creating an attractive environment for clients and visitors. Imagine transforming your commercial space into a secure, visually appealing area that meets all regulatory requirements – that’s what we offer.

At Tree Maintenance Ltd, we deliver top-notch commercial arborist services. Our team of certified experts provides a range of services, including:

Regulatory and Compliance Expertise

We navigate local and national tree preservation laws, ensuring your projects proceed without legal hindrances. Our consultants include an ex-Local Authority Tree Officer with extensive experience in planning, parks, highways and open space tree management.

Risk Mitigation

Our comprehensive site assessments help identify and manage risks associated with trees on your property, helping prevent future legal or structural issues.

Sustainability and Biodiversity Enhancement

We offer expert advice on preserving existing trees and incorporating green spaces that enhance the ecological value of your premises.

Efficient Project Management

Our streamlined services respect project timelines and budgets, ensuring no delays in your operations.

Detailed Arboricultural Surveys and Reports

We provide thorough BS5837 tree reports and impact assessments tailored to your specific development needs.

Tree Preservation Planning

Our strategic planning services include advice on tree protection measures during commercial activities.

Expert Testimony and Liaison Services

We assist with planning applications and appeals, including representation at planning inquiries if needed.

Post-Development Tree Management Plans

We offer long-term tree management and landscaping plans to keep your properties or sites looking their, best post-development.

Safety & Condition Reports

Ensure your property meets all safety standards and identify potential risks before they become problems.

Building Damage Reports

Protect your investments with thorough assessments of tree-related structural damage.

Amenity Woodland Assessment and Management

Maintain and enhance your green spaces for maximum environmental and aesthetic value.

Veteran Tree Management

Preserve the health and heritage of your oldest and most significant trees.

And of course, Tree Pruning & Shaping, Tree Stump Removal & Treatment, Tree Planting & Care, Hedge Trimming & Shaping and Tree Felling & Removal.

Our services not only improve the safety and appearance of your property but also demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability. We recycle 100% of tree waste and use eco-friendly products wherever practicable.

Ready to elevate your commercial property with professional tree care? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our tailored services can meet your unique needs

Commercial Tree Services

Public & Private Sector Tree Care

At Tree Maintenance Ltd, we understand the distinct needs of both public and private sector properties. Our comprehensive tree care services ensure that your trees are healthy, safe, and visually appealing, enhancing the overall environment for your community or business. Whether you manage a public park, a school, a hospital, or a private business campus, our certified arborists provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. From regular maintenance and risk assessments to emergency tree works or removal, we help you maintain a safe and attractive landscape that complies with all local regulations. Trust us to deliver reliable, efficient, and sustainable tree care, ensuring your properties or sites always looks their best and supports your environmental goals.

Local Authority Support

Tree Maintenance Ltd recognise the constraints on Local Authority budgets and their obligation to comply with statutory requirements. Tree Maintenance Ltd consultants include an ex-Local Authority Tree Officer with extensive experience in planning, parks, highways and open space tree management.

We can provide short and long-term support for both planning and open-space tree management requirements at a competitive cost.

Our services to Local Authorities include:

  • Independent planning application assessment against local and national policy guidance
  • Tree preservation order enforcement, management and review
  • Health & safety inspections and survey of existing tree stock
  • Policy and strategy formulation
  • Contract letting tendering and management
  • Complaint handling
  • School tree risk management

Tree Maintenance Ltd can integrate and work with Local Authority staff to provide a seamless integrated service for Local Authority clients.

local authority tree care services

Ready to transform your commercial property with expert tree care? Don’t wait – secure your green spaces today with Tree Maintenance Ltd. Our professional services ensure safety, compliance, and stunning aesthetics for your business premises.

Contact us now for a free consultation and quote. Let’s enhance the value and beauty of your property together – act now and see the difference!
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Contact us now for a free consultation and quote. Let’s enhance the value and beauty of your property together – act now and see the difference!

Why Choose Tree Maintenance?


Expertise & Experience

With over 38 years in the industry, Tree
Maintenance offers unparalleled professional tree care by a team of certified experts, ensuring the health and beauty of trees.


Comprehensive Tree Services

Offering everything from pruning to tree removal, Tree Maintenance is a one-stop-shop for all tree care needs, providing solutions for both domestic and commercial clients.


Safety & Certification

Prioritising safety and certified by the Arboricultural Association since 1985, the company sets the benchmark for safe and professional tree care services.


Eco-Friendly Approach

Committed to sustainability, Tree Maintenance uses sustainable products and recycles 100% of tree waste, appealing to environmentally conscious customers.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Known for exceptional customer service and results, Tree Maintenance is dedicated to exceeding expectations and ensuring a hassle-free tree care experience.


Accredited & Trusted Service

As one of the UK's longest-standing Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors, Tree Maintenance is recognised for its high standards and trusted expertise in tree care.

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Our Tree Experts

Begin by reaching out to our team of tree care specialists. Whether you call us at 01285 760466 or email [email protected], you'll be connected with knowledgeable professionals ready to address your tree care concerns.


Free Site Visit and Custom Quotation by Certified Arborists

Arrange a convenient time for a complimentary site visit from our certified tree care specialists. They will conduct a thorough assessment of your trees and provide a detailed, no-obligation quotation, ensuring our services are tailored to your unique requirements.


Tree Care Service

Upon accepting the quote, we'll schedule your tree care services. Our experienced arborists, true tree experts in their field, will carry out the work with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. After completing the job, we ensure your property is left neat and tidy, reflecting the high standards of our tree care specialists.


What Our Customers Say

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Eric Herring
Eric Herring
Outstanding! Ken Sheppard was amazing - so helpful, quick and thoughtful and well informed in his analysis and so generous with his time. Sarah who took the initial call was also great. For any tree related issues this company would absolutely be our first choice. Highly recommended
Jon Haw
Jon Haw
I would really recommend Tree Maintenance Ltd following their work at my property today. Punctual, professional, caring, considerate thoughtful, friendly and flexible. Left the site tidy and well managed. Lovely job!
Mike Hodgkins
Mike Hodgkins
Excellent work on my trees as you have done for many years.
Robert Hayden
Robert Hayden
We would highly recommend the services of Ken and his team, they were very professional and sorted out a very complex problem that we were having with planning permission Cannot thank them enough, fantastic job!
Edward J harry
Edward J harry
Tree Maintenance is a highly reliable company that does good work and on time. I always use them
Simon Gunn
Simon Gunn
Over the last few months Matt and his team Ollie, Ben and Ross have done an excellent job looking after the trees in our garden. They are very careful, tidy and friendly. We have had great professional advice from Martin and Nick over the years that has proved to be very accurate, and I have every confidence in them. I would definitely recommend Tree Maintenance to anyone.
Julian White
Julian White
Excellent service as always, Matt and Ollie were friendly and attentive, completed job to a great standard
Barry Hill
Barry Hill
Another super job from Tree Maintenance. Our birch tree has been beautifully trimmed and shaped. Will definitely use them next time and will recommend to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an arboricultural survey involve and why is it important for my commercial property?

An arboricultural survey involves a detailed survey of the trees on your property to assess their health, structure, and any potential risks they may pose. It is important for ensuring safety, complying with regulations, and maintaining the aesthetic and ecological value of your commercial space.

How can you help ensure my commercial property complies with local tree protection regulations?

We provide expert arboricultural consultancy that includes advice on local and national tree protection regulations. Our services ensure that your property meets all legal requirements, avoiding any potential fines or legal issues.

What strategies do you recommend for preserving trees during commercial activities?

We recommend strategic tree preservation planning, which includes measures such as protective barriers during construction, careful pruning, and soil management techniques to ensure trees remain healthy and unaffected by commercial activities.

Can you provide support with planning applications involving trees?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support for planning applications, including preparing detailed arboricultural reports, providing expert testimony, and liaising with local authorities to ensure your application meets all necessary requirements.

What are the benefits of incorporating existing trees into my commercial property plan?

Incorporating existing trees into your commercial property plan enhances the aesthetic appeal, promotes biodiversity, and can even increase property value. Trees provide shade, improve air quality, and create a welcoming environment for clients and employees.

How do you manage tree-related risks in commercial properties?

We manage tree-related risks through regular, comprehensive surveys and inspections. Our expert arborists identify potential hazards such as weak branches or diseased trees and recommend appropriate actions to mitigate these risks, ensuring the safety of your property.

What post-development tree care services do you offer?


Post-development, we offer a range of tree care services including regular maintenance, health assessments, pruning, and long-term management plans to ensure your trees remain healthy and continue to enhance your property.

How often should trees on commercial properties be inspected?

Trees on commercial properties should ideally be surveyed bi-annually, or more frequently if they are mature or located in high-traffic areas. Regular surveys help identify and address any issues before they become serious problems.

What are the signs that a tree on my property might be a hazard?

Signs that a tree might be a hazard include visible decay, cracks in the trunk or branches, dead or falling branches, thinning crown, and significant lean or instability. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to have the tree surveyed by a professional arborist.

How can sustainable tree management practices benefit my business?

Sustainable tree management practices benefit your business by enhancing the environmental credentials of your property, improving aesthetic appeal. These practices can also contribute to a healthier, more attractive environment for clients and employees.

Areas We Cover

As professional tree surgeons and tree consultants, Tree Maintenance is dedicated to providing top-tier domestic and commercial tree maintenance services. Centrally based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, our expertise extends across a wide region, ensuring that high-quality tree care is accessible to a diverse range of communities.

Our commitment goes beyond Stroud – we serve a broad area encompassing the heart of Gloucestershire and beyond. Our team of skilled arborists and consultants delivers exceptional tree care and advice, whether it's for a private residence, a commercial property, or public spaces.

Wondering if we cover your area? Here's a glimpse of the key towns and locales we serve, illustrating our extensive reach:

Meet the Team

At Tree Maintenance, our friendly and skilled team is dedicated to keeping your trees healthy and beautiful. With over 38 years of experience, we handle everything from pruning to tree removal with care and precision. We pride ourselves on safety, environmental responsibility, and outstanding customer service.

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